Day 9 (31/Aug/2018): Reigate to Tatsfield (20km)

I left the Bridge House Hotel in Reigate after 11:00, having spent too much time trying to upload photos for yesterday’s post.

At the start of the walk, I passed through a golf course; the stereotypical image of Surrey that I might have imagined if someone had asked me what I would find here. But later, I had a few surprises; a landscape designed by Lancelot “Capability” Brown, with vistas that still impress today, views over the Surrey countryside, a Spitfire plane, and a beautiful sunset.

The weather was cloudy but dry. Not too hot. The path was well signposted and easy to follow. All in all, a pleasant day for walking, marred only by the noise of the major roads which were mostly out of sight but never out of earshot.

Tonight I’m in Tatsfield, at the rather upmarket restaurant cum hotel, The Bakery. Seriously overspending here. I think this is a sign that I really don’t want to try camping. Perhaps Rowan’s tales of mosquitoes put me off. I was bitten by a couple today in the fields between the M25 and M23 motorways. I lingered there to pick blackberries, which were sweet.

For tomorrow I have booked an Airbnb in Kemsing. Perhaps after that, I’ll buy some DEET and try the tent.

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