Day 7 (6/Sept/2019): Asturianos to Requejo

I might write a fuller update of today’s walk when I have a stable internet connection. For now, I’ll just post a couple of photos from the day, which took us through the broken down villages that I described in 2017 here:

At Triufe, we stopped in the porch of the church with the image of the lazy pilgrims in the fires of hell. This is where Ana, the sporty, Spanish, pilgrim who was with us in the albergue In Asturianos caught up with us. We spent the rest of the day trailing her – stopping for a coffee and a goodbye in the beautiful village of Puebla de Sanabria, and then meeting up again on the approach to Requejo. So we had another goodbye drink with her. She’s walking the entire Via de la Plata in little stages.

In Puebla, we visited the church at the plaza mayor and walked past market stalls selling all kinds of fruit, vegetables, clothes… Ewa picked up some delicious peaches.

Requejo is tiny but flooded with construction workers for the nearby AVE fast railway line – prices in the bars are inflated but we went to a truck stop about 500m out of town where we were served a passable pilgrim menu for the bargain price of €7.50 each. It gets rave reviews from other pilgrims but I think that’s mainly because it’s so cheap.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow we’re going to have a short but steep climb up to Padornelo and then a descent to Lubian. The last town before we enter Galicia (?). I might have that wrong – it’s bedtime and I’m tired.

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