Day 11 (8/Oct/2017): Tourism in Granada

I left my hotel shortly before 7:00AM to join the queue for same-day tickets to Alhambra. Not early enough! Fortunately for me, Afine and Charlotte were about 100 places ahead of me in the queue and got me a ticket to see the Generalife, the Alcazaba, and El Partal (everything except the Nasrid palaces for which tickets are very limited). From a customer experience perspective, it must be said that (despite improvements) the Alhambra delivers an atrocious queuing experience – especially to those who are denied any kind of entry after waiting for more than three hours. (Don’t make excuses).
The Alhambra is spectacular – from the formal moorish gardens to the defensive, fortress structures.
I tried to get a stamp in my pilgrim’s passport from the church of Santiago, but I misunderstood the mass times from the information online. I ended up getting my stamp from the church by the cathedral. The parish priest was pleased to help me.
In the evening, I tested the theory that one can eat a dinner of tapas by ordering just three drinks. Unfortunately, I have the appetite of a ox, following my walk. So I had to go for a slice of pizza after my four glasses of local wine (Vertijana, cyclomotor x2, and Seis+Seis), a dessert, a coffee and a brandy. I hope I’ll be bright-eyed tomorrow. I have an 8:30 bus to Córdoba to catch – need to pick up a parcel that the Post Office will only hold for two weeks.

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