Day 14 (11/Oct/2017): Pinos Puente to Moclin (13km)

A much more enjoyable walk today, and possibly the shortest distance of any stage of this Camino. I started the day at 8:00AM with a cafe con leche and toast with tomato at the largely empty Monserrat Hotel – my digs in Pinos Puente.
The yellow arrows took me through Pinos Puente and onto the main road for some distance, before heading off onto farm tracks through endless olive groves. At the aptly named town of Oliveras, I encountered a monument to two Republicans who perished in Mauthausen concentration camp in 1942 – a chapter of history that I knew nothing about.
I note that I also saw a monument in Almeria to Jewish Spaniards, who were sent to concentration camps – something else for me to learn about before I finish this trip.
I took a break before tackling the short, steep, ascent to Moclin. I passed a well tended shrine on the hillside – much as I would expect to find a Shinto shrine half way up a mountain in Japan. The Camino follows the via del Gollizno here, with spectacular views over the valley and the farmland all around. Soon I could see the 14th century castle that dominates Moclin. I got in touch with the person running the albergue, who let me in. I think this building must have been built as some sort of outward bounds activity centre for young people. There’s a pleasant patio with a barbecue, eight dormitory rooms, four shower rooms, and a games room on the top floor. And I have all this to myself….

Categories: 2017 Camino Mozarabe (Almeria to Finisterre)

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