Day 3 (30/Sep/2017): Alboloduy to Abla (30km)

Today was my first 30km day. From Alboloduy to Abla. I’m shattered and enjoying a beer before going to the albergue (at the tippety-top of this hillside town). When Michel D’Auzon walked this (and every) stage, he gave us eulogies to the stars and the scenery. I can’t match that. I’m just glad to report that I made it.
I started shortly before 6:00 in an effort to get the climb out of the way before the heat of the day. I found myself stumbling and grumbling through the shale of a dry riverbed, with a lamp strapped to my head like some high tech teffelin. The light occasionally caught the eyes of creatures in the shadows, leaving my imagination to perceive every mangy stray dog and moggie as a Cerberus about to pounce. I picked up a pebble to defend myself with, and then another, and eventually gathered a pocketful of pebbles, becoming Molloy as I scraped my way through the dark and damp.
I walked right past the vital arrow that directed me away from the river, and when the sand beneath my feet became damp and the vegetation to thick to pass. I navigated back with an app on my phone and started the climb out of the valley, where I was rewarded with the sight of the dawn.
By 10, the sun was hammering down on me again and I staggered through the rest of the walk, through a lush valley, deserted mining villages, and picture-perfect pueblos where locals replenished my water, to reach Abla, my destination for today.
Enough – I’ll share a few photographs to show you what I mean.

Categories: 2017 Camino Mozarabe (Almeria to Finisterre)

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