Day 19 (20/Aug/2019): Licques to Wisques

Today was my longest distance in a day since I restarted this walk from Canterbury. But I’m not going record daily distances here – the official path takes too many detours – today at Difques it sent me around three sides of a square instead of going through the center if town. For what? So that I could see a black sign like a tombstone, which explains that the path is the old roman way. Frustrating- It should be proposed as an alternative route for the history buffs.

I reached the peaceful – but fortified – St. Paul’s Abbey in Wisques at around 5pm. Communal dinner is at 7:20pm and I need to shower before that so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

It was another fine day. I met three Catalan pilgrims who passed me when as I was stopping for lunch by the path. I guess they might be in Wisques too but if that’s the case they’ll be at the convent up the road, I think.

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