Day 69 (5/Dec/2017): Logoso to Finisterre (28km) and Finisterre Lighthouse (3km)

The sea comes into view
Lidia and I left our albergue shortly after Alfonso into another cold day, with Galician green coated in frosty white. But today we were excited by the prospect of reaching sea and the “end of the world” – Finisterre, a site that was the goal of pagan pilgrims before the Christian Era.
Today was a day of little celebrations; posing for photos with the sea behind us, enjoying a beer at the first cafe by the coast, picking up shells on the beach, and putting my feet into the ocean – knowing that the last time I did this was in the Mediterranean at Almeria at the start of my journey.
We left our bags at the albergue and walked to the lighthouse – On the way I bumped into Pedro Maria, who walked from Cabo de Gato, a cape 40km from Almeria. He caught up with me and overtook me in Zamora. How nice to see him again here.
I watched a perfect sunset with Marco, Raffael, Lidia, and Lucia and then we came back into the town of Finisterre for a wonderful seafood dinner with Leo – a Dutch pilgrim that we met by the lighthouse. He walked all the way from his home in the Schwartzwald in Germany – 2400km.
A wonderful end to the day and, I suppose, to the Camino. But of course there’s more. I will walk to Muxia next – the more tranquil town on the other side of this peninsula. Then I hope I’ll be able to meet up with Jose and Isabel for a celebratory meal – perhaps here or perhaps in Santiago. And I still need to spend a day or two exploring Santiago before I declare this odyssey over and book a Ryanair flight home.

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