Day 7 (4/Oct/2017): R&R in Guadix

Did some shopping, laundry, and took things easy. Visited Guadix’s cave church and the cathedral.
Do you remember your first gazpacho? Mine was in Estella, near Pamplona, at the end of a family holiday in 1988. Today’s lunch of gazpacho and tortilla de patatas took me back to that summer. I was 17, and struggling to process what I was experiencing. I thought it was the best thing I’d tasted all summer.
I bumped into Paco Fuentes Escudero on my way to dinner. He’s meeting two pilgrims from the Netherlands who walked to Guadix today. I guess we might meet on the road tomorrow, and that will be fine. The paths from Malaga and Jaén will converge with this one soon. And I’ll come across pilgrims who are starting the Camino in Granada. I’m glad that I was able to have a solitary time until now. The Camino Mozárabe from Almeria has exceeded my expectations in that respect.
This evening, my “Preso de cerdo ibérico a la brasa,” came with three types of salt (rosemary, pink, and sea) like at a high end tempura restaurant.

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